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Bronwyn Hack’s gigantic inflatable hot water bottle ‘Alfred’ (2021) is going on tour.


In 2020, Bronwyn was invited by curators Claire Watson and Zoé Bastin to create an inflatable sculpture. Bronwyn came up with the idea of Alfred – so much more than a humble, functional water bottle – and imbued him with a kind of personality. Alfred then gave birth to smaller water bottles, some with attachment cords, some covered with fur and tinsel and all with beautifully stitched edgings.

“When we inhale and exhale, our bodies transform through the process of inflation and deflation. Drawing on the inflatable form as both material and metaphor, Conflated, curated by Zoë Bastin and Claire Watson brings artists together to explore bodies, environments, and cultures through contemporary art. Here, the cycle of breathing serves as a framework through which a wide array of experiences, behaviours and expressions are examined.”

Alfred and his offspring will be travelling the country as part of NETS Victoria touring exhibition Conflated, based on the concept of contemporary inflatables.

After an excellent start at the Australian National University School of Art and Design Gallery last year, Alfred went on to Deakin University Art Gallery and has since continued through to Logan Art Gallery. Alfred’s final stop will take place from 1 October – 3 December 2023 at Swan Hill Regional Gallery.

Conflated features artists Zoë Bastin, Andy Butler, David Cross, Bronwyn Hack, Amrita Hepi with Honey Long and Prue Stent, Christopher Langton, Eugenia Lim, James Nguyễn and Steven Rhall.