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Arts Project Australia

Material World

Material World opening performance

The tactile multi-dimensionality of this exhibition references personal worlds created in response to physical surroundings.

The artistic practices and works displayed testify to the movement between – and stark transition from – idea and concept to visceral threads and textiles to represent corporal curiosity, sexual politics, the home, possessions, consumerism, and the imaginary world.

Featuring Fulli Andrinopoulos, Dorothy Berry, Matthew Gove, Bronwyn Hack, Adrian Lazzaro, Anne Lynch, Mark Smith, Rosie O’Brien, Chris O’Brien, Lisa Reid, and Terry Williams.

Co-curated by Peter Douglas and Jodie Kipps.

Material World was opened with a performance featuring bodysuits created by APA artist, Bronwyn Hack. The performance was choreographed by Zoe Bastin and featured dancers Hayley Does and Joseph Newton-Keogh. View the performance below.


  • Wheelchair accessible

The Arts Project Australia gallery has accessible toilets in the Perry Street Building. They are located in the northern end of the building. On the upper ground level they are located off the northern side of the service corridor. On L1 and L2 they are located behind blue manual double doors.

Entry 30A Perry Street is wheelchair accessible and offers direct access to the Courtyard, Perry Street Building upper ground and Johnston Street Building upper ground. Lift access is available to visit other buildings and levels.

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