There’s a Warthog Beast trying to Eat Them!

There’s a Warthog Beast trying to Eat Them!


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ArtistSamraing Chea

Dimensions18.00 × 19.00 cm

Artwork CodeSACH14-0010

MediumWork On Paper

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Samraing Chea

Samraing Chea

Samraing Chea (b 1995, Cambodia) is an emerging artist who works meticulously with greylead and colour pencil on paper. Containing humorous and startling social commentary, his practice demonstrates an uncanny ability to extract the irony and idiosyncrasies of his subject. His signature line of text at the bottom of each drawing describes his inspiration and adds a witty thought, leaving the viewer to decode the scene. Chea has worked at Arts Project Australia for ten years and has presented three solo exhibitions in 2018, 2020 and 2021. He has shown in various group exhibitions including Outsider Art Fair, New York; Spring 1883, Sydney and Melbourne; and Melbourne Art Fair. His work is held in private collections worldwide.

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