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Staff at Arts Project Australia are always looking for interesting opportunities for artists who attend Arts Project to work on their art outside the premises in the broader arts community. These opportunities, often involving...

30 August 2014 - 04 October 2014
Arts Project Australia

Julian Martin was just three years old when Lou Reed released his classic album Transformer, which explored ideas of otherness and transgression. Coincidentally, but perhaps prophetically, it was also in that year, 1972, when British art...

Leo Cussen draws inspiration from Hollywood’s glamour era. His pastel works are characterised by repetition, text, movement and a sense of humour. The work has an intensity which is evident by the energetic application of his chosen medium.
Cussen uses repetition to embody the larger...

Cathy Staughton
AU $450.00
gouache and ink on paper
385mm x 570mm
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