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Arts Project Australia

Jenny Ngo

Jenny Ngo Wilfred the Corgi 2021

Jenny Ngo is an emerging painter, digital artist and animator.

Her work shifts between graphic cartoon-like images, painterly landscapes and figurative work, drawing inspiration from Japanese animé and animals. Her artworks often push our expectations regarding portraiture by eschewing the human figure and focusing instead on animals. Ngo has been a regular studio artist at Arts Project Australia since 2010. She has exhibited in several group shows at Arts Project Australia including Yo Melbourne, We’re From Philly!, curated by Alex Baker, Director of Fleisher/Ollman Gallery, Philadelphia. In 2013, she won first prize at Connected, and in 2015, one of her animations was shortlisted for the Oska Bright Film Festival in Brighton UK. At this festival Ngo’s short film Paw Prints was nominated for best animation.