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Arts Project Australia

Jordan Dymke

Jordan Dymke is an emerging multidisciplinary artist.

He has a figurative-based practice that focuses on painting and drawing from life, self-portraiture, as well as being motivated by imagery and photographs he collects from magazines and online as well as the expressionist style of Auguste Rodin. His self-portraiture 2D and sculptural works — especially those featuring his hands — are an evocative and expressive investigations of his body and identity. Recently, he has been experimenting with charcoal utilising a unique smudging technique that imbues his work with a mysterious ambiguity. Dymke has worked in the Arts Project Australia studio since 2012. He has been featured in group exhibitions throughout Australia. He made his curatorial debut with his virtual exhibition Sensor in 2020 at Arts Project Australia and undertook a paid traineeship in the Arts Project Australia studio and gallery. His work is held in private collections throughout Australia.