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Arts Project Australia

Michael Licenblat

Michael Licenblat Final Chapter Last Showdown 2019

Spanning drawing, animation and zines, Michael Licenblat’s practice is punctuated by a vivid graphic sensibility.

 His works are reminiscent of comic books, integrating his cartoonesque characters with text and speech bubbles to form inventive and humorous narratives. His narratives are marked by a continual pursuit of justice, where good prevails over evil, often driven by recurring characters including the hero-like police officer, the damsel in distress, the mad scientist and the petty thug. Another facet of Michael’s work is a series of animal studies to which he attributed character names.  Michael Licenblat is an emerging artist and has worked in the Arts Project Australia studio since 2017. He published his first zine “Dream Gladiators” a fantasy thriller in 2019. His work is held in private collections throughout Australia..