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Arts Project Australia

4 X 4

Rebecca Scibilia Untitled 2017

4 x 4 presents four artist solos featuring Monica Lazzari, Rebecca Scibilia, James MacSporran and Samraing Chea.

While holding distinctive practices, their work collectively reflects the versatility of colour, imagination, narrative and pattern to speak on the energies of society and nuances of everyday life.

Monica Lazzari creates complex abstract paintings and collage. The works are active spaces, resonating with energy; vibrant and multi-layered, she employs a vast colour palette with meticulous application of media.

Rebecca Scibilia is a mid-career painter who utilises a variety of media for her works on paper and canvas. Inspired by pop culture, she creates abstract artworks in bold markers and paints that result in a lurid colour palette.

James MacSporran is an emerging artist working primarily in painting and drawing. His art practice embodies a blend of abstraction and graffiti, and conjures references to mazes, street art and old-style arcade games.

Samraing Chea is an emerging artist whose practice contains humorous and startling social commentary, and his approach demonstrates an uncanny ability to extract the irony and idiosyncrasies of his subject.


  • Wheelchair accessible

The Arts Project Australia gallery has accessible toilets in the Perry Street Building. They are located in the northern end of the building. On the upper ground level they are located off the northern side of the service corridor. On L1 and L2 they are located behind blue manual double doors.

Entry 30A Perry Street is wheelchair accessible and offers direct access to the Courtyard, Perry Street Building upper ground and Johnston Street Building upper ground. Lift access is available to visit other buildings and levels.

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