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Arts Project Australia


Circleworks uses the formal aesthetics of the hand-drawn or handmade circle as a departure point to explore artistic processes, perspectives, experiences and stories.

The exhibition features artworks by Arts Project Australia artists Fulli Andrinopoulos and Julian Martin, alongside works by Mimili-based artist Linda Puna and Louise Bourgeois.

Each artist has produced their artworks within specific contexts–culturally, geographically and materially–yet they connect through the formal repetition of their circle-like motifs.

This visual connection allows for the chance to closely consider the particularity of each artist’s visual sensibility.

Circleworks aims to celebrate these relations while acknowledging cultural differences.


  • Wheelchair accessible

The Arts Project Australia gallery has accessible toilets in the Perry Street Building. They are located in the northern end of the building. On the upper ground level they are located off the northern side of the service corridor. On L1 and L2 they are located behind blue manual double doors.

Entry 30A Perry Street is wheelchair accessible and offers direct access to the Courtyard, Perry Street Building upper ground and Johnston Street Building upper ground. Lift access is available to visit other buildings and levels.

Getting here