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Arts Project Australia


A drawing of a flower with two insects on top. The text PLANT/LIFE is written across the centre of the image in white

Plants are essential to life.
We respond to plants with all our senses.
We use them to symbolise our emotions, to mark significant occasions, and even as signifiers of place, strength and age.
We bring plants inside, transforming our domestic spaces into natural oases. While plants are specific to particular geographic locations, they are also universal.

A profusion of flowers, plants and trees, greenery and brilliant colour, PLANT/LIFE brings together a group of eleven contemporary artists, including Arts Project studio artists, who are inspired by the beauty and diversity of the natural world. From over-scaled sunflowers to soft-sculpture succulents, along with drawings, paintings and ceramics, this exhibition presents a celebration of the plant life that surrounds us.

“In the context of our fast-paced and increasingly screen-based lives, the natural world provides something of an antidote, offering an environment that simultaneously provides calm and solace, as well as stimulating our senses”

Kirsty Grant

Exhibiting APA artists are Anthony Romagnano, Brigid Hanrahan, Chris O’Brien, Georgia Szmerling, Lygin Ang, Philip Truett, Robert Brown and Rosie O’Brien who are joined by Emily Ferretti, Yvonne Kendall and Christopher Langton.

PLANT/LIFE features a specially commissioned immersive wall painting by Georgia Szmerling, coupled with paintings by Emily Ferretti on the windows of APA’s Collingwood Yards gallery.

PLANT/LIFE is curated by Kirsty Grant.


  • Wheelchair accessible

The Arts Project Australia gallery has accessible toilets in the Perry Street Building. They are located in the northern end of the building. On the upper ground level they are located off the northern side of the service corridor. On L1 and L2 they are located behind blue manual double doors.

Entry 30A Perry Street is wheelchair accessible and offers direct access to the Courtyard, Perry Street Building upper ground and Johnston Street Building upper ground. Lift access is available to visit other buildings and levels.

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