Adrian Lazzaro

Adrian Lazzaro is primarily a figurative painter who occasionally creates sculptural objects. His artworks are characterised by his expressive and intense line work and his fascination with dark and gothic imagery. Vampires, zombies, and subjects from imaginary worlds inhabit his work. The outcome is edgy, often evoking a strong response from viewers with regard to the shady and sometimes disturbing figures he portrays. Purely sinister interpretations have coalesced with Lazzaro's a quirky sense of humour resulting in unique renderings that reflect Lazzaro's wry take on life. Adrian Lazzaro (born 1985) has been a regular studio artist at Arts Project Australia since 2004. He’s regularly exhibited in group shows in Australia and overseas, including, ‘Tell ‘em I’m dead’, Arts Project Australia, Melbourne (2016); ‘Now the heart is filled with gold as if it were a purse’, curated by Glenn Barkley, Arts Project Australia, Melbourne (2014); ‘Turning the Page’, Gallery 101, Ottawa, Canada (2014); and ‘My Puppet, My Secret Self’, The Substation, Newport.