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Arts Project Australia
Colour is Enough, curated by David Sequeira

Colour is Enough presents recent bodies of work by Arts Project Australia artists Wendy Dawson, Ruth Howard and Julian Martin within a broader context of Australian monochrome painting and sculpture.

In monochrome works of art there is no single focal point. Unlike the process of reading words on a page, there is no direction for where to start or finish. Viewers are not called to progress from one section to another, but rather to engage with the totality of a single colour. More specifically, understanding and experience is based on ‘consuming’ the whole work of art at once.

In monochromes, colour is its own entity that is distinct and independent. Related to (but not beholden to) form, colour is enough. Nothing else is needed for it to challenge, move, evoke and energise.

This exhibition will feature Eleanor Louise Butt, Nancy Constandelia, Renee Cosgrave, Rox De Luca, A.D.S Donaldson, Mikala Dwyer, Louise Gresswell, Aaron Martin, Jackson McLaren, John Nixon, Ron Robertson-Swann, David Serisier, Madeline Simm, Lachlan Stonehouse, David Thomas, Sam George & Lisa Radford, Barbara Puruntatameri, Hayden Stuart and Hootan Heydari alongside APA artists Julian Martin, Wendy Dawson and Ruth Howard.

Opening event: 3 – 5PM, Saturday 6 April, Arts Project Australia gallery, Collingwood Yards. 


  • Wheelchair accessible

The Arts Project Australia gallery has accessible toilets in the Perry Street Building. They are located in the northern end of the building. On the upper ground level they are located off the northern side of the service corridor. On L1 and L2 they are located behind blue manual double doors.

Entry 30A Perry Street is wheelchair accessible and offers direct access to the Courtyard, Perry Street Building upper ground and Johnston Street Building upper ground.

Lift access is available to visit other buildings and levels.

Getting Here

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