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Soft Landings exhibition banner

Join us at the Australian Tapestry Workshop on Wednesday 29 May from 5.30-7.30PM for the opening celebration of Soft Landings.

Textiles surround us, comfort us, allow us expression of identity. As Kassia St Clair states in her book The Golden Thread “We live surrounded by cloth. We are swaddled in it at birth and shrouds are drawn over our faces in death. We sleep enclosed by layer upon layer of it…and, when we wake, we clothe ourselves in yet more of it to face the world and let it know who we shall be that day.”

Often delegated to the realm of ‘craft’, textiles can be an underappreciated and overlooked artform. The artists of Soft Landings, however, evident the extensive capacity of textiles – using the medium as a raw expression and interpretation of the world, confirming textiles’ place in contemporary art. Subjects such as body, home, identity, desire, and more are explored through embroidery, 2D mixed media textiles, and soft sculpture.

Featuring the works of Fulli Andrinopoulos, Matthew Gove, Bronwyn Hack, Paul Hodges, Adrian Lazzaro, Anne Lynch, Joanne Nethercote, Chris O’Brien, Rosie O’Brien, Lisa Reid, Mark Smith, and Terry Williams.

Curated by Betty Musgrove.


  • Wheelchair accessible

For more information on accessibility at Australian Tapestry Workshop please phone 03 9699 7885.

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