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Arts Project Australia

Fulli Andrinopoulos

Fulli Andrinopoulos is an established artist whose practice is characterised by her signature floating circular forms.

Her small-scale paintings are executed in a variety of media including ink, gouache, acrylic and pastel. Recently, she has explored embroidery and her textiles feature mesmerising concentric circles with intense layers of multi-coloured stitching, over an ink washed fabric ground. They are reminiscent of the organic processes found in nature, such as birds’ nests, spiderwebs and other natural spiral forms. Her ethereal works resonate with a sense of mystery and emotion. The considered colour combinations, mark-making and layering of textures build depth and space in her compositions, which—when viewed on mass—reveal an endless variation of the circular motif, each work seemingly the same yet different. Andrinopoulos has worked at Arts Project since 1991. She has exhibited in numerous group and solo exhibitions and is currently touring nationally with NETS Victoria. Public collections include Monash University Museum of Art. Her work is also held in national and international private and corporate collections.